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VIRUS REMOVAL                        

Our virus removal software is among the best in the business. we will hunt down every trace of the viruses and make sure your computer is safe and ready to use again. This service includes our tune up at no extra charge.                                    


GG Computer Repair is committed to your happiness, which is why our expert repair technicians provide all the services you need to leave our shop satisfied. With our Hardware Replacement you’ll be thrilled you came to us for your repair. Bring us whatever you need us to fix, and experience the GG Computer Repair difference.

TUNE UP                                      

Giving your computer a tune up is just as important as changing oil in your car and should be done just as often. We offer an expert tune up service that uses tools to fix your registry, cleans up any junk that might be cluttering up your computer, and get the hard drive running smooth again.


We offer CAD design and 3D printing solutions. If you can't find a plastic part for a machine that's 20 years old or if you need a custom solution we have you covered for as low as $3 per part.


We understand that setting up your new computer with your printer and network can be tricky sometimes, thats why we come to you at an affordable price. We can set your home network up, program your new smart TV, add wifi extenders, set up your new desktop so you don't have to worry about "Did I hook it up right?" and so much more.


We offer one on one tutoring for the people who need a little help keeping up with this fast moving world. Our one on one is a question & answer session that lasts as long as you wish. We will walk you through step by step to teach you anything you may have questions about or just need a refresher on.


Having a lazy day or just too far away to stop in? Remote connection is a great option. Just give us a call and we will walk you through the steps to allow remote connection. After you are set up just sit back and relax while your computer is cleaned out. We will have it running like new in no time! 


We offer free and safe recycling. All your data will be properly erased to ensure none of your private documents, bank statements, taxes, or anything else you would like to keep away from snooping eyes will get out. Not even the NSA will be able to recover your data.

MAC REPAIR                        

If apple tells you "Its too old and expensive to fix, just buy a new one" Instead of buying a new $1200 apple product, get your device fixed for one third of the cost.


Broken HDMI ports, dead hard drives, replacing the screen on your switch, or even upgrading your Xbox to a SSD. We will get you back and gaming as fast as possible